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New Music Category

By David Sherwin, President at Pivedite

Hey Good People,

The goal of the music category is to highlight socially conscious music that can motivate or persuade people to solve problems in their community. Please feel free to send us your favorite socially conscious song and the reason why you like it. As long as the song doesn’t promote hate or discrimination, we’ll add it to our site.

I have always loved reggae for its socially conscious messages and will probably highlight several Bob Marley songs at some point. However, I wanted to start with a song from a reggae rock band named SOJA. In 2017, SOJA came out with a song called “Bad News.” Doesn’t sound like a very positive song, but there are some great lyrics at minute 2:30 on solutions. I played this song a lot during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Click on the link to listen to “Bad News”

Next, I don’t know much about Bob Dylan, but I did sample some of his music last year. One of his songs that stuck with me is “The Times They Are A Changing.” Despite the tough times we face now, I do believe positive change is coming and I think this song reflects that. I also like the lines about congressmen at minute 1:10.

Click on the link to listen to “The Times They Are A Changing”

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