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How to Become an Effective Community Leader Through Lifelong Learning

By Kayla Rowe

Do you serve as a leader in your community? If so, there’s always room for learning and growth! Being an effective leader requires knowledge of key leadership issues, but also an understanding of yourself and how you can best leverage your unique skills to have an impact on the people around you. Make a commitment to lifelong learning and become the best leader you can be. Below, Pivedite shares some resources to help you get the most out of lifelong learning!

Why Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong learning describes a form of self-guided education focused on personal development. Pursuing learning opportunities outside of school can help you become a well-rounded community leader.

Go Back to School

Formal learning also has its place in lifelong learning. Going back to school is a great way to pursue growth and achieve personal fulfillment by developing new leadership skills.

Learn Through Experience

Hands-on experience is by far the best way to learn. If you want to improve your leadership skills, get out there and practice!

  • Become a member of a local ​​association, and support a cause that’s close to your heart.
  • Ask to take on new leadership positions at work.
  • Look for a mentor in your community who can offer guidance as you explore new leadership roles.

Your community depends on you to be a strong and influential leader capable of enacting positive change and making life better for everyone. Lifelong learning can help you become a skilled communicator, negotiator, decision-maker, collaborator, and overall leader for your community!

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