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COVID -19 Solutions: Examples of “Pivotal Solutions Expedited”

By David Sherwin, President at Pivedite

Dear Good People,

In light of recent events, I wanted to talk about Coronavirus COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Virus is a serious and unprecedented situation. The effects of this virus could reshape our society. Nevertheless, I am going to stay positive. I believe this problem will force people, companies, and governments to rethink how our society operates. It will force us to develop new ideas and solutions to better serve everyone in the future. This is the time to be bold and to think outside of the box.

The COVID-19 solutions will be an example of “pivotal solutions expedited”. We have a major problem, it needs a “pivotal solution”, and we need it “expedited”. The solutions to this problem are still in the early stages, but I believe we will respond strongly.

Finding solutions to COVID-19 is important. However, what is equally important, is understanding how the development and implementation of the COVID-19 solutions can act as model for ending future social problems.

Imagine if we had the same urgency to end homelessness, educate billions of children, cure cancer, build roads, ect. The money, ideas, technology, processes, and people are here now. We can solve any of our problems now.

People and governments usually only act decisively when there is an emergency. However, there are emergencies all over the planet. It all depends on how the discussion is framed on what an “emergency” is.

Imagine if a local leader or a government representative did something bold. Imagine if they said, “we have a major emergency, we need to end X problem in our city now”.

Once COVID-19 ends, let’s keep the momentum going. Let’s find “pivotal solutions” to other social problems and get them “expedited”.


David Sherwin
President, Pivedite

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