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Pivotal Solutions Expedited

About Us

Pivedite is a 501c3 nonprofit journalism organization. Our mission is to inform the Philadelphia Region about pivotal solutions to social problems and to encourage expedited action to end those problems.

Our name was created by combining the words pivotal and expedite, and our tagline is "pivotal solutions expedited."

We launched on February 3, 2020.


We have the tools, ideas, and people to end the most serious social problems in Philadelphia.  Despite our potential:

  • 1 Limited progress has been made to end Philadelphia's social problems.
  • 2 Finding innovative solutions to end Philadelphia's social problems can be difficult.
  • 3 Thousands of people in the Philadelphia Region are not challenged to take action.
  • 4 Thousands of people are suffering in Philadelphia.

Solutions Journalism

The type of journalism we produce is called  "solutions journalism." Writers and organizations who produce "solutions journalism" provide the public with answers and solutions to social problems. We report on solutions to 10 social problems in Philadelphia. These problems are listed on our Call to Action page.

Our content will highlight any news story, idea, opinion, policy, service, organization, individual, or government action that attempts to end these social problems in Philadelphia.

Our content is reported through:

  • A Community Journalism Platform that is open to anyone who wants to be a volunteer writer. If you’re interested in writing for us, learn more here
  • Articles from professional writers and our President
  • Social media posts

In addition to our content, we are openly challenging the Philadelphia Region to end these 10 problems on a system level or on an individual level. Check out our Challenge.

We are open to receiving information from any individual, organization, or government as long as it promotes ending the problem. Please go to the Contact Us page to send us your ideas.

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